Jenn Galandy

Public Policy

Jenn Galandy is currently the Policy Project Manager at Cabinet Office in London, England. Previously Jenn was the Policy and Strategy Manager for the Ministry of Justice in London, England for the United Kingdom Government.

She graduated with her Master’s degree in Public Policy at the University of Nottingham July 2018, with Merit Honours. Her thesis dissertation was on the obstacles female politicians face in Canada’s federal political system. Over the course of her masters, Jenn Galandy completed her own primary research for her thesis and was granted ethical approval from the University to conduct this research, in Ottawa June 2017.

Before that, Galandy completed her four-year undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. During her time at UofC, Jenn took part in a variety of campus activities. She was a member of the Model United Nations Team, as well as the Political Science Association.

From January 2012 to June 2017, Jenn Galandy worked as an Administrative Assistant for Bayside Associates Life Insurance Ltd. Galandy took on various administrative duties in the office in addition to the position of Social Media Coordinator. Her responsibilities included creating, implementing, and managing the company’s social media marketing including; Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In Pages.

In 2016, Jenn Galandy worked as a Member’s Assistant in the Canadian Parliament. In this role, Galandy was the assistant to Member of Parliament and Shadow Minister for National Revenue, Pat Kelly. Throughout her time there, Jenn learned a wide variety of skills including how to write speeches, filing claims for the financial department, committee research, and how to effectively use social media for political purposes. In her four months as a Members Assitant, Jenn Galandy completed a research project for the office on the use of social media as a political platform.

Apart from her work, Jenn Galandy is equally passionate about her time spent in the community. From 2010 to 2015, Galandy volunteered as a WayFinder in Foothills Medical Centre. Jenn also volunteered for a political party in Alberta for three years. During this time, Jenn Galandy expressed a need to promote youth issues. After presenting the executive board with potential plans for a youth position and division within the party, Jenn Galandy was appointed the first youth coordinator for the executive board of the party.

In 2014, Jenn Galandy began working for a political party in Alberta in numerous capacities. Apart from her work as a youth coordinator, she was also appointed to the policy committee for the party in 2015. During her time with this political party in Alberta, she was responsible for modernising the policy book, prior to the upcoming election; and was expected to present updated policies at the annual general meetings. Jenn Galandy collaborated with the president of the party, reviving the policy book and deciding which sections needed to be updated. After finding that the economy section needed to be modernised, Jenn Galandy willingly undertook the task of writing a new policy on the sharing economy to ensure the party had a stance on Uber and Airbnb for the upcoming election. Galandy identified key individuals on the policy committee, who had specialist knowledge on the economy and asked them for their support. Though she received opposition from key stakeholders, Jenn pushed forward, gaining support from constituency boards instead. While the opposing stakeholders did not support her policy, they acknowledged Jenn’s tenacious efforts. Galandy was involved in writing and presenting 14 constitutional amendments and two policy proposals during her three years with the party.

Throughout her three years with a political party in Alberta, Jenn Galandy worked as a spokesperson for youth members. She spoke to the media (print, radio, and broadcast), as well as performed speeches at many different events with diverse individuals, including at annual general meetings, with thousands of members in attendance. She also helped maintain a budget and raised money for youth events.

Jenn Galandy also worked with a political party in Canada from 2015 to 2017. During this time Jenn assisted with canvassing for the 2015 Federal Election for Calgary-Rocky Ridge. She later helped with a leadership campaign in 2016 in the communications department, where she worked on social media and youth outreach. During the party’s convention in May 2016, Galandy helped that candidate by doing interviews for her Facebook Live platform and helped monitor her social media pages.

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